How long does Accountable2You retain activity history?

How long does Accountable2You retain activity history?

In short, when the data disappears from the device Accountability Report, it also disappears from our server retention.

More specifically, though, we retain activity for 15 days. On a weekly rolling interval, our servers expunge any received data greater than fifteen days ago (e.g., 16 days or more). When deleted from our servers, the activity automatically disappears from the Reports page as well.  

Can you restore old data from a server backup or archive?

It's a great question, yet due to our desire to protect customer privacy, we don't maintain backups or archives of customer data beyond the rolling 15-day calendar mentioned above. When the activity disappears from the report beyond that 15-day timeframe, no restoration or recovery options exist.

I want to keep the activity data longer than 15 days. Can I do that?

Yes, you can! While it won't restore already-deleted activities, you can utilize our Scheduled Exports feature for scheduling a one-time or recurring export of the activity report via email.

Scheduled Exports allows you to keep a copy of the report long after the server has automatically deleted it. The scheduled email will arrive with a spreadsheet file attachment that you may save or archive to your storage.

  1. Select your name (or user profile icon) > Scheduled Exports.
  2. Select the Schedule New Export button.
  3. As shown in the example below, select the options that best fit your reporting requirements:

Report Export Options: 

  • Frequency: Choose the option that works best for you, based on your reporting needs. 
  • Day of Week: Select the day you'd like to receive your scheduled export.  
  • User: If you're utilizing a multi-user Plan, select the applicable user from the list. 
  • Device: Select the device or devices you'd like to see in the scheduled activity report. 
  • Alert Level: Blank returns all activity history; Questionable returns only "yellow" rated activity; Highly Questionable returns only "red" rated activity; All Alerts returns both "yellow" and "red" rated activity.  
  • Report Name: Choose a name for the report to make it easier to identify the report emails or make modifications later.  
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