Why does Accountable2You limit the number of active installs?

We get it. No one likes limits. So why do we limit the number of devices per plan? It’s a fair question, and it's not a new idea.

Some of our respected competitors offer unlimited installs - and years ago, we offered that, too. Over time, we learned that there are two ways to keep the price as low as possible for the customer.

Obviously, we're big on accountability, so here are the facts. Spoiler alert: Accountable2You went with option two.

Option One: Monitor unlimited devices with limited customization

To make this pricing method work, we realized (as did our competitors) that you need to limit the amount of unique customization. So while you can install an unlimited number of devices on a competitor's plan, the limit comes when you wish to adjust which partners receive which report for various devices.

We all lead unique lives with a lot of unique variables. For instance, if you have a mobile phone that should send reports to a friend and your spouse, a work computer that should send an alerts-only report to your coworker and a friend, and a shared family computer that you'd only like your spouse to receive a report from, an "unlimited devices" type of plan can't offer that functionality and remain cost-effective.

Option Two: Monitor a set number of devices with full customization

We want accountability to fit into everyone's unique lifestyle. Rather than limit customization options and make a "one option fits everyone" platform, we focus on monitoring a specific number of devices per plan-type while offering full customization options. Our goal is to keep customer costs competitive while also allowing a generous number of installations to cover the average Personal Plan or Family Plan use case.

Accountable2You offers per-device and per-user customization. For each device, you can choose unique partners, specific notification settings (full report, alerts-only, texts only, etc.), and can even adjust the monitoring sensitivity. For each user, you can add custom Trigger Words to tailor the accountability to your specific needs.

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