FAQ: What is the Accountable2You Validator extension?

The Accountable2You Validator extension helps the Accountable2You extension effectively monitor the Chrome browser and Chromebook devices. As you install the Accountable2You extension for Chrome, you will be guided through the steps necessary to install the Validator extension as well.
If a message appears on your report stating "An Accountable2You extension has been disabled at [date & time]", this can be caused by a couple of different factors. First, the user may have intentionally turned off the validator extension. Second, Chrome may have temporarily turned off the extension while performing an automatic update. If you'd like to check with our team about any recent updates, feel free to contact us at support@accountable2you.com!
If the Accountable2You Validator extension isn't reactivating automatically, there is a straightforward way to re-enable it manually – simply follow along with this video walkthrough.
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