Samsung Gear VR Accessibility Issues

There is a known issue where the use of Samsung Gear VR may cause the Accessibility feature of the Android device to become automatically disabled while the VR system is in use. This is an issue with the Android system itself and therefore Accountable2You does not have a way to resolve this issue.

Users who encounter this issue should be aware that the disabling of Accessibility means that the device cannot be monitored during that time. In many cases the Accessibility re-activates when the Samsung Gear VR is no longer in use, however there have been some instances where the Accessibility remains turned off, which prohibits monitoring indefinitely until it is manually turned back on.

Whenever the Accessibility is turned off (intentionally or otherwise), an alert will be sent to your accountability partners notifying them of this. Accountable2You always encourages an open discussion between users and partners to identify the cause/origin of alerts.

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