Time Limit Alerts (Family Accounts)

Parents want to receive alerts for objectionable content alerts at any hour of the day. But what if the problem isn't what is being viewed on Bobby's new tablet, but rather when it's being viewed? Even the safest YouTube video or genuinely helpful educational game ceases to be helpful late at night. 

That's where Time Limit Alerts offer a unique value to our Family Plan members. Time Limit Alerts provide a helpful coaching tool to establish healthy patterns of self-discipline. 

Once configured, if Accountable2You registers activity on a device outside of the timeframe you select, the assigned accountability partners will receive an alert. 

One: Access Usage-Time Alerts

  1. Visit the link: https://my.accountable2you.com/Account/Login.
  2. Once logged in, select Manage Users in the navigation menu.
  3. Locate the user for which you'd like to establish Time Limit Alerts.
  4. Select the Actions button to the far left of the user's name and select Time Limit Alerts.

Two: Enable Usage-Time Alerts

  1. In the time graph, enable the hours (red) that you would like to receive usage-time alerts. 
  2. Select Save to complete your changes. 
  3. Repeat the steps found in both sections one and two for any other Family Members. 

Don't worry - content-related, objectionable activity alerts will continue to send, regardless of the Time Limit Alert preferences selected. 


Three: Review Time Limit Alerts

There are two important things to remember when reviewing Time Limit Alerts: 

1. Half-hour increments

Time Limit Alerts are sent in half-hour increments. If any activity has occurred within the past half hour, an e-mail is sent to the accountability partners for that device. 

2. Alerts represent device activity, not necessarily user interaction

Remember that our app is tracking activity, not specifically who produced that activity. That means that things like notifications, incoming messages, and device updates can produce false positives showing that the device is in use when it's sitting untouched. Please do exercise your best judgment as you review alerts.

If your device supports it, we recommend enabling "Do Not Disturb" for the hours that mirror your selection in the Time Limit Alert settings. 

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