FAQ: Why do I see some sites on my report that I didn’t visit?

Accountable2You's VPN monitoring solution works by processing your internet traffic and capturing the title of any websites that are requested by your device. Sometimes a webpage may have other embedded elements within it (sort of like a webpage within a webpage), which will go through our servers as if it is its own webpage. It is therefore possible on some occasions that you might see some unfamiliar activity on your reports from these embedded elements.

At other times, embedded advertisements on a webpage may use a fraudulent method of recording clicks to their ads by running scripts within a site that are invisible to the user. These can sometimes appear on your report as activity records since there is not always an easy way to tell what activity is done by the user, and what is done by these scripts which make it appear as if you are accessing certain sites. Using an ad blocker may help to reduce instances of this nature.

While we do our best to keep these from appearing on your reports, it is very possible with a VPN monitoring solution that you may see these pages appear as activity. Accountability is a tool to help promote open communication. Therefore, we at Accountable2You always encourage users and accountability partners to have meaningful conversations about any concerning activity before reaching any conclusions.

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