What data does your app collect?

What information does Accountable2You retain?

To put it quite simply, except for typical internet addressing info (necessary to route data and traffic properly), all of the data the Accountable2You monitoring app captures appears on your Accountability Report and Account Settings. All other data that does not appear on the Accountability Report passes through our encrypted connections without retention. No additional activity is stored, visible or invisible.

To elaborate further, this means that depending upon your device's operating system and browser, the monitoring app may capture any of the following:

  • Titles of websites, titles of apps installed/in-use, and the titles of open documents/files.
  • Search text, search results, and related or suggested search results.
  • Text contents within a browser webpage, document, or file. 
  • Background and foreground process names and related details.
  • The text content of incoming or outgoing messages. 
  • The web address of a specific page or resource. 
  • The date and time any collected activity occurred. 

All of the data mentioned above is captured transparently; the data is visible on the Accountability Report for your screening and review. 

What about private information like passwords or bank data?

We've built-in specific rules within our monitoring app to automatically reject and exclude sensitive or private data. Likewise, we honor modern privacy protocols that app developers utilize while creating, for example, banking-related apps. We've also built an App Exclusions feature into the monitoring app so you can exclude any app that holds uniquely sensitive information (password managers, banking apps, etc.).

Common Questions:

Data security is an understandably concerning issue these days, and it’s something that we hold in the highest regard here at Accountable2You. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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