View GPS Location Reports

Accountable2You now features the option to enable location monitoring. By default, this option will remain turned off until activated by the user. For help activating this service, see our support article for your Android or iOS device.

This service can be used to report on a user's general location. To help preserve battery life, the location is recorded approximately every 500 meters.

Accessing the GPS Report:

There are 2 ways to access a user's GPS report. First, if you are the owner of the account, you can log in to your Reports page, where you will see a "View on Map" button next to any device that has GPS monitoring enabled.

For accountability partners, your regular report e-mail will contain a "View on Map" button that will take you to the report page.

Understanding the GPS Report:

Just like with activity records, the default view is set to the last 24 hours. You can adjust this by changing the dates under "Activity Date Range". Activity is stored for 15 days.

The green dot represents the last recorded location for the selected timeframe. Other colors represent the level of accuracy. Some devices, especially older devices, may be prone to lower levels of accuracy.

You can view detailed information about each location "pin" by clicking on it, which will show you the timestamp, as well as the accuracy level.

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