Accountable2You Browser for iOS

On Apple iOS devices, Accountable2You can act as a standalone browser. This custom browser is designed to take the place of Safari, Chrome, or any other browser on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. 

Important: Please note that only the activity occurring within the Accountable2You browser can be monitored. All other browsers and the ability to install apps must be disabled on the device for monitoring to remain effective. If you would like to monitor Safari, Chrome, or the browser of your choice, please see our instructions for configuring VPN monitoring instead.  

Using the Accountable2You built-in browser for iOS

  1. First, install the Accountable2You app by following the instructions found here
  2. Open the Accountable2You, "AU Mobile" app.
  3. Tap the Web Browser icon.
  4. You will then see the browser screen. Enter the web address that you wish to visit at the top.
  5. To open a new tab, select the + icon: 
  6. To easily open links from emails, messages, or other apps, tap and hold the link and copy it. Open the AU Mobile app and you'll be prompted to open the copied link. 
  7. For help setting up your homepage and bookmarks, see Adding Bookmarks & Homepage.
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