Can partners view activity reports online?

If you are the A2U account owner, you can access the full report for all your devices at any time by logging in to the Reports page of your account online. 

That's great, but what if your accountability partner wants to check the current activity in between their scheduled daily or weekly Email Summary Reports? Glad you asked! 

How to access current activity from the Email Summary Report

Rather than waiting for the next report email to arrive, partners can access the current activity online at any time via the View Full Report link in previous report emails. 

  1. Open your email inbox and find a recent daily or weekly Email Summary Report for the individual whose reports you need to review. 
  2. Click the blue View Full Report button in the Email Summary Report. This will open your web browser and take you to the report for that date range listed in the email.
  3. Click "Edit" next to the date range at the top of the report, then select the desired date range. (The 24-hour view will show you the most recent activity.) 
ℹ️  Only current partners with the correct permissions can view current reports through this email link. For security reasons, once the account owner removes a partner, or disables their access to daily or weekly reports, the partner will no longer have access to these online reports.
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