Link Additional Email Addresses to Your Account

If you have multiple email addresses that you use with Accountable2You, you can link them all to one A2U account with the steps in this article. 

When you connect other email addresses to your A2U account, it allows others to add you as an accountability partner using an email address they may be more familiar with, or that you may give out in a specific context (e.g., work vs. personal, older vs. newer, etc.).

How to link additional email addresses to your account

Log in to your online A2U account here.
Click your name (or profile icon) at the top of the page and choose Account Settings.
Scroll to the bottom of the Personal Information tab.
Under the Additional Emails section, type the additional email address into the Email field and click  Add.
You'll receive a verification email at that email address. In that message, select the Verify Email Address button.

That’s it! Your additional email address has now been added to your account. Repeat these steps as many times as needed for additional email addresses.

You can add as many additional email addresses to your account as you'd like.

However, emails related to your account status, billing, etc. will only be sent to your primary email address (the one listed directly below your name in the Account Settings).

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