What's New with Accountable2You! (August 2023)

It’s our joy and pleasure to unveil what we’ve been working on — a facelift of the entire my.accountable2you.com website!

Our team has made a variety of changes throughout the site to improve security and to make the overall online experience even better for you, our beloved A2U customers. Whether you’re new to the A2U family or a long-time user, we’re confident you’re going to love it!

Here are a few highlights to pay attention to as you explore the new layout.

Video tour

If you’d rather watch than read, we’ve got you covered! This video provides an overview of the updates highlighted in this article.

Improved Reports Dashboard

The Reports page of your account is now the newly improved Reports Dashboard. In addition to making this page cleaner and easier to navigate, we’ve combined the reports for all your accountability relationships in one place.

Not only does the Reports Dashboard give you an overview of the activity and alerts for the devices on your account, but now all the devices you’re a partner for are available on this one, easy-to-read dashboard.

For a deeper look, check out our Reports Dashboard article here.

Free Accountability Partner accounts

Some more exciting news: the Reports Dashboard mentioned above is FREE for all accountability partners!

Once an accountability partner creates their free partner account, they can log in to their own Reports Dashboard online to review reports and alerts, or manage their notification settings (more on that below).

This is especially helpful for someone who's a partner for multiple people. In the past, partners could only access reports for individual device users (one at a time) through links in their emails. Now, partners will create their own accounts and have convenient access to view up-to-date reports for each of the device users they’re partnered with, all from one centralized dashboard!

If you've been an A2U partner since before August 1, 2023, check out this article for the steps to create your free partner account. If you're just now becoming a partner on or after that date, look out for an email invitation from the device user you're partnering with to set up your new partner account.

Note: Free partner accounts only include the Reports Dashboard for any devices you are a partner for. In order to have your own devices monitored, you can upgrade to a paid Individual or Family plan by following these steps.

Updated partner settings

We’ve redesigned the partner settings to give partners more control over the notifications they receive, while device users maintain full control over the privacy settings for their activity.

  • Partners will still be able to receive daily or weekly Email Summary Reports, hourly Email Alerts, and Instant Text Alerts. With this update, however, we’re giving accountability partners the ability to determine how they’d like to receive these reports and alerts, and how frequently.

  • Device users still have full control over their privacy and what information they allow their partners to see. On the Partners page of their account, they can choose between three permissions levels for each device.

For more details about these settings, visit our Manage Notification Settings article here.

Simplified family members page

We’ve also updated our Family plans to streamline setting up and managing family members.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s changing:

  • Our Family plans now have two basic roles: Parent and Child. The “account admins” have now become the parent role and “regular users” have now become the child role.
  • Each Family plan can have up to 2 parents and unlimited children.
  • Parents have administrative privileges to manage partner settings, reports, device settings, Trigger Words, and Time Limit Alerts for the children on their account.
  • Children will no longer need to sign up for their own A2U account with a username and password. Instead, their devices and settings will be managed entirely by the parents on the account.
  • The Manage Users tab in Family accounts will now appear simply as Family.

For more of the nuts and bolts here, see our Add and Edit Family Members article.

Introducing: Trigger Words!

Okay, so this isn’t really a new feature, but it has a new name!

Previously known as Alert Sensitivity, the Trigger Words feature allows you to add your own custom list of words, phrases, or even app names that you need additional alerts for.

This powerful feature is like a “secret weapon” in your accountability toolbox and is incredibly helpful for tailoring the alerts to your own unique needs.

If you’re not already familiar with this tool, check out our guide, Create Custom Trigger Words, for more details and tips.

More questions?

Our Customer Support team is always eager to help answer any other questions you may have about using Accountable2You online, or on your devices. Just select the green Contact Us bubble to start a conversation with us! 

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