Google Play Protect Disabling A2U

Google Play Protect recently started disabling or uninstalling the Accountable2You app on Android phones. Here's why this is happening, and what you can do to use A2U successfully on your Android devices.

Why was A2U removed from the Google Play Store?

On Thursday, September 22, 2022, WIRED published a hit piece about Accountable2You and other accountability apps. Evidently, WIRED also reached out to Google with their “findings,” resulting in our removal from the Play Store around the same time.

We have addressed the points in the WIRED article in our public statement available here, and are working to appeal the app store suspension with Google.

Why is Google Play Protect disabling the A2U app?

Initially, after our app was suspended from the app store, anyone who had the app installed already was able to continue using it just fine on their device. Recently, however, the Google Play Protect app began flagging the A2U app as "harmful" and either disabling the monitoring or uninstalling the app completely. 

Accountable2You has been in the Google Play Store for years and has been approved through their standard review process many times. We have not changed what data we collect or who we share it with, and we continue to follow industry standards for data security. 

In other words, despite the false alert from Google Play Protect, Accountable2You is safe and secure to use and does not harm your device. 

How can I continue using A2U? 

Good news - you can continue using Accountable2You on your Android devices. In order to do this, however, you'll need to disable Google Play Protect and install our standalone app with the following steps:

If you still have the app store version of A2U, you'll first need to uninstall it from your phone using the steps in this article.
Next, in order to use A2U successfully, you'll need to disable Google Play Protect on your device. ( Here's how.)
Finally, download and install the standalone version of our app directly from us using the instructions in this article.
If you'd like to re-enable Play Protect after installing A2U, the monitoring should still work from what we've seen, but there is a possibility it could interfere in the future.

That's it! You should be able to use Accountable2You successfully on your device now! 

If you have any questions about these steps or using A2U on Android devices, simply select the green Contact Us button to start a conversation with us! 

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