Reactivate Your Account

Welcome back! To reactivate your previous A2U subscription, just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your A2U account online here and navigate to Account Settings > Upgrade To Paid Account.
  2. Select your desired plan (Personal or Family) and billing frequency (Monthly or Annual).
  3. Confirm or update your payment information.
    1. If your previous payment method is still correct, move on to the final step.
    2. If your card information has changed, click the drop-down menu, select Add new card, then add your new payment details.
  4. Finally, select the blue Upgrade Account button.

Nice work—your A2U account is now active again!

Next steps

Once you've reactivated your account, you'll want to reinstall the A2U monitoring app on any of your devices and make sure that your partners are set up correctly:

  1. First, uninstall any old versions of the monitoring app from your devices by following our guides found here.
  2. Next, use our installation guides to put the latest version of our monitoring app on all of your supported devices that need monitoring.
  3. Finally, we'd also recommend making sure that your Partner settings are up-to-date for each of your devices.

That's it! If you have any questions or hit any snags along the way, we're here to help! Just reach out to us directly at

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