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What Linux Distributions Do You Support?

With the rising popularity of the Linux operating system, we at Accountable2You strive to provide an effective accountability solution for our Linux users. We work hard to cover the most popular Linux distributions, and we continually evaluate trends regarding distributions and their popularity so that we can know where to focus our efforts to extend our support even further.


Supported Distributions


Can I install on unsupported distributions?

Accountable2You offers a Debian file (used for Ubuntu and Mint distributions), and an RPM file (used for Fedora). Users who wish to attempt installing the software on an unsupported distribution are welcome to do so with the understanding that Accountable2You can offer limited assistance, and cannot assist in resolving errors or issues that may arise.

Please note that even if the software is successfully installed on an unsupported distribution, you may encounter report oddities, such as "highly questionable" alerts for simple tasks such as rebooting or shutting down your computer. We work to remedy these issues before we pronounce a distribution "supported".



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