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Installing Accountable2You on Kindle Fire

Note: Requires Fire OS 4 or greater.

Step 1: On your device open the Appstore and search for Accountable2You.

Find the "Appstore" app on your Kindle device.


Search for and select "Accountable2You".



Step 2: Select "Download" and "Open".

First, click "Download" to download the app to your device.


When the app finishes downloading, this button will change to "Open". Select this option to open the app.



Step 3: Setup the app.

Accountable2You requires membership before you can use any of our products. If you do not have a membership press the "Sign Up" button. If you have a membership press the "Start" button.


Step 4: Enable Administrator Rights.

Accountable2You needs to run on the device as an administrator in order to monitor activity. Select "Activate Admin App".


You will then be taken directly to the settings menu of the Kindle device. Select "Activate" at the bottom of this screen to turn on the administrator rights.



Step 5: Enable Accessibility

Accountable2You uses a service called Accessibility that is built into your device in order to monitor activity. This must be enabled in order for Accountable2You to work. First, click on "Enable Accessibility".


You will then be taken directly to the settings menu of the Kindle device. Scroll down until you see Accountable2You listed and click on it.


On the next screen, slide the bar at the top of your screen to the "On" position. A dialogue box will appear informing you of what information Accountable2You can collect. Select "OK" to proceed.



Step 6: Assign to your Accountable2You account.

Enter your username and password (please note that your username is different than your e-mail). The "Device Name" can be whatever you want it to be. This is to help you identify the device on your reports. When finished, click "Save".



You're all setup!

You should now see the screen below that indicates that Accountable2You is monitoring activity. You can now close the app (which runs constantly in the background) and use your device normally. Don't forget to setup your accountability partners to receive reports for your new device. For more information, see our article on setting up accountability partners.



Want to test the system?

Instead of going to an inappropriate website to test the rating system, please use the link provided below to conduct a "Red Alert Test". This will generate a sample alert from your device, and you should see the alert appear on your account within a few minutes (as well as send an alert to anyone setup as an accountability partner for that device).

Click here to perform the red alert test. (Make sure you are on the device that you want to test when you click this link).

You report will shortly show an activity similar to this:

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