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Why do you have a special browser for iOS devices?

Apple will only allow us to monitor activity inside our own app. They do not allow our app to monitor any other activity. So the only solution here was to have a browser that the user must use for the accountability to work. You can see the full feature set for the iPhone at the bottom of our features page.

You can see the full setup instructions for the iOS app here, as well as a video tutorial of the iOS setup process.

It is recommended that you restrict Safari on the iOS device. We also recommend turning off the ability to download any more apps. The instructions and video linked above will show you how to restrict Safari. You'll want to restrict out the ability to download other apps there too.


Special Note: We are BETA testing a solution that will monitor all internet activity on the device. This will allow you to use Safari or any browser you choose. If you want to try this new solution please contact us by clicking here

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