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Can the accountability software be disabled or turned off?

Yes. This is an accountability tool for individuals who want to be held accountable. It will not take over your computer nor cripple your Internet in the event it is turned off. Some versions of the software have a "Quit Accountable2You" button. It allows you to enter a reason for closing the application. All occurrences of the Software being turned off are logged to the Software report and emailed to your accountability partners.

This software is designed with accountability in mind. The software runs checks to make sure it is running properly. If it detects a problem, it logs the event to the Alerts report and sends an email to your accountability partners.

We believe that if a person is determined to sin, they will find a way to sin. A software will never prevent a person from sinning. Everyone has a propensity to sin. The only way for a person to stop sinning is through the enabling of the Holy Spirit in the power of salvation. Salvation is accepting Jesus the Christ as your only, God provided substitute from your judgement before a Holy God. (See

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