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Installing Accountable2You On Android Devices

Installation Guide for Android


Step 1: On your device open the Google Play Store and search for Accountable2You.

The Android Install screen will appear. Press Install.

Step 2: Android will inform you of any special permissions that may be needed for our app. Press Accept.

Step 3: Once successfully installed select the Open button.

Step 4: The Accountable2You start screen will appear.

Accountable2You requires membership before you can use any of our products. If you do not have a membership press the "Signup" button. If you have a membership press the "Login" button.

Step 5: Accept the Terms & Conditions

Please take a moment to review the terms and conditions before proceeding. When you are finished, check the box next to "I accept the terms", and select "Continue".

Step 6: Register the device

Enter your username and password (please note that your username is different than your e-mail). The "Device Name" can be whatever you want it to be. This is to help you identify the device on your reports. When finished, click "Save".

Step 7: Activate Admin Rights

Accountable2You needs to be a device administrator in order to effectively monitor the device. Please click "Activate Admin App".

You will then be taken to the Settings menu where you can allow Accountable2You to administrate your device. Click "Activate".

Step 8: Enable Accessibility

Accountable2You uses the Android Accessibility service in order to monitor the device. Please select "Enable Accessibility" to turn this service on.

This will take you to the Accessibility Settings menu of your device. Find Accountable2You in the list of services and select it.

Where Accountable2You is now turned "Off", click the slider to turn this service on.

Step 9: Accountable2You is now monitoring!

You will be taken back to the main Accountable2You screen where you can confirm that the app is monitoring activity.


Step 10 (OPTIONAL): Excluding apps

Accountable2You is a very powerful app that monitors all activity on the device. For some this is too much and they require some apps to be excluded for privacy. For these users we have an App Exclusion list. Apps placed in this list will not record the details of their actions in the app. Our records will simply say monitoring was excluded by the user. To proceed press the Settings option. Then enter your password to proceed to to the Settings screen.

Press the App Exclusion List option

Check the apps that you do not want to be monitored. Please note that any apps checked will send an alert to your accountability partners that the app has been excluded from reporting.

When you check an app, you will be asked whether you wish to exclude the app completely, or "Record Embedded Browser Only". For most apps, you will choose to exclude the app completely. If you have a password management application (ex. LastPass) that has a built-in web browser, we recommend choosing "Record Embedded Browser Only". This will keep Accountable2You from seeing any sensitive information, but still allow monitoring of the web browser.


Want to test the system?

Instead of going to an inappropriate website to test the rating system, please use the link provided below to conduct a "Red Alert Test". This will generate a sample alert from your device, and you should see the alert appear on your account within a few minutes (as well as send an alert to anyone setup as an accountability partner for that device).

Click here to perform the red alert test. (Make sure you are on the device that you want to test when you click this link).

You report will shortly show an activity similar to this:

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