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Does Accountable2You Filter or Block Content?

Accountable2You does not provide content filtering. We provide advanced reporting of computer and device activity (more than any other provider). Our solution is designed to run with any filtering software you choose. All the recommendations below are free and work extremely well. These solutions are dedicated to providing the best filtering options available. Here are our recommendations:

For Windows and Mac

For Android

  • We formerly recommended K9 Web Protection for Android devices, however they have discontinued their support for Android. At this time we have not found a suitable free replacement that we are comfortable recommending.

For iOS (iPhone,iPad, iPod)

  • Install the Accountable2You app and disable Safari.
  • Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on General.
  • Enable Restrictions and set a passcode if Restrictions aren't already enabled.
  • Under Allowed Content, tap on Websites.
  • Now tap on Limit Adult Content under the Allowed Websites section.

To block specific websites on iOS devices

  • Tap on Add a Website... under the Never Allow section.
  • Type in the full URL of the website you'd like to block and tap Done on the keyboard.
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