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Excluding Applications From Monitoring (Windows)

One of the features of the Accountable2you Windows software is an Program Exclusion List. This is helpful if there are certain applications that you want to exclude for privacy concerns. Accountable2You must first be installed before you can access this feature. Please see our Windows installation instructions here.

To get started, locate the "AU" icon in your Windows toolbar. You may need to click the small up-arrow to reveal all of your icons.



Next, right-click on the "AU" icon and select "Program Exclusion List".



You will be prompted to enter your password for Accountable2You. Please do so and then click "Check" to proceed.



Next, you will see a list of programs that have been used on your Windows computer. Put a check mark next to any program that you wish to exclude from monitoring. Then click "Save" at the bottom of the window. In this example, we'll exclude "Outlook".



That's it! The selected program(s) are now excluded from monitoring.

Keep in mind that when you exclude an application, your accountability partners will be notified. The alerts will appear on your report as shown here:


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