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Installing Accountable2You On Linux (Kubuntu)

Download the file. Then once the file has downloaded click on it to unzip it. Once unzipped click on the accountable2you.deb file to open the software.

Step 2: Press the Install Package button in the software Center.

Step 3: Enter your Linux password to complete installation.

Step 4: When the terminal screen says "Done", click close.

Step 5: Search for Accountable2You and open the application.

Step 6: Register Accountable2You

Use your Accountable2You account name, your Accountable2You password and then a name for this installation. This can be any descriptive name you choose.

Step 7: After your software has been installed you can setup your accountability partners.

Step 8: Enter your accountability partner's email address.

We strongly suggest using the Daily email reports to start with.


Want to test the system?

Instead of going to an inappropriate website to test the rating system, please use the link provided below to conduct a "Red Alert Test". This will generate a sample alert from your device, and you should see the alert appear on your account within a few minutes (as well as send an alert to anyone setup as an accountability partner for that device).

Click here to perform the red alert test. (Make sure you are on the device that you want to test when you click this link).

You report will shortly show an activity similar to this:

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