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Setting Up Accountability Partners

Step 1: To setup your accountability partners, login to your account and click on "Accountability Partners" on the top menu. Next, select "Add New Partner." (Note: If your partner has already been added, you can edit their information by clicking on their name)


Step 2: Enter the requested information for your accountability partner. The phone number is optional, but is necessary if you wish to enable instant text alerts (explained in the next step).

If you wish to require a password for added security you may do so by checking the box next to "Require Password to View Reports." This is optional.


Step 3: Select the type and frequency of reports. You also have the option to select "Automatically assign...", which applies to any future devices added. With this option enabled, you will not need to repeat this step every time you add a device. Instead, new devices will be automatically assigned to the partner according to the settings that you specify here.


Email Summary Report: This determines the frequency of how often your partners receive summary reports. You can choose "daily" or "weekly", or even "none" if you want them to only receive alerts for questionable activity.

Email Objectionable Alerts: Selecting this option will send an alert e-mail to your accountability partner(s) each hour that questionable activity is detected from your devices. These e-mails are only sent when questionable activity is detected.

Instant Text Alerts: If you have provided a mobile phone number for your accountability partner, you can enable text alerts. Your partner will receive a text message within 5 minutes of any questionable activity that is detected. They will be given the time, as well as a general description of the activity. Standard text messaging rates may apply from the phone carrier, so please ensure your accountability partner is able and willing to receive these alerts.

GPS Tracking: The Accountable2You app for Android and iOS devices has a GPS tracking feature. If this has been enabled on the device, you will have the option here to allow this partner to access the location activity. For instructions on activating this feature please see our articles for activating location monitoring on Android devices and/or iOS devices.

Step 4: When you have finished, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page. Your partner will be notified by e-mail that they are now setup to receive alerts.


**Please note that if you have not selected the "Automatically assign..." option (see step 3 above), you will need to manually assign any devices that you add in the future as they will not be automatically assigned to a partner.**

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