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Enabling GPS Monitoring for iOS Devices

Accountable2You now features the option to enable location monitoring. By default this option will remain turned off until activated by the user.

This service can be used to report on a user's general location. To help preserve battery life, the location is recorded approximately every 500 meters.

(Due to the demands placed on a device for GPS usage, you may notice a decrease in battery life compared to normal usage especially on iOS 11 and later. This impact will vary depending on your device and other applications that are also running on the device.)

Activating GPS Monitoring for iOS:

Step 1: Before GPS monitoring data is collected, the user will need to enable this feature within the app on the device itself. To do this, locate and open the Accountable2You application.

Next, scroll down and select the "GPS Tracking" button.



You will be asked to enter your password. When finished, press 'Verify'.


The GPS button will now update it's status to "GPS: Enabled" to indicate that the service is turned on.



Step 2: Now that you have enabled location services, you will see a "View on Map" option next to that device on your Reports page. At this point you can view the location, however your accountability partner(s) cannot.

Within a few minutes of activating location monitoring on your device, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on allowing your partners to view your location data. The e-mail presents you with 2 options.

If you select "Allow All", all of your partners who are already assigned to that particular device will be granted access to view your location data (which will be included on the daily/weekly reports that they already receive). You will see the following message appear:

If you choose to only allow certain partners to have access to your location data, select "Choose Specific Partners" and you will be taken to your account where you can enable this service for the partners that you choose. In the example below, "Example User 1" will have access to your location data, where "Example User 2" will not. Click "Save Changes" when you are finished to save your changes.


You have now completed the setup for GPS monitoring on your iOS device. For information on viewing GPS reports, see our article "Viewing Accountable2You GPS Reports".

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