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Why am I seeing a VPN Proxy Authentication popup?

Every Accountable2You user who enables the VPN monitoring feature has a certificate installed on their device through the Accountable2You app that provides authentication for accessing applications through our servers. On rare occasions, some applications fail to fully support the type of user authentication that the Accountable2You certificate provides, which can result in a "Proxy Authentication Required" popup message, similar to the one pictured below.



If you receive this message, first confirm that you have trusted the Accountable2You root certificate. To check this, go to Settings -> General -> About -> Certificate Trust Settings, and check to see that the "" certificate is set to on/green (as shown below).

If the certificate is trusted and you continue to receive the popup message, you should be able to proceed with using the app by simply selecting "Not Now". Please contact our support team and let us know if you are experiencing this with any particular applications so that we can research further.

If the certificate is not showing:

If the certificate is not showing in the Certificate Trust Settings menu (described above), then this means that the certificate did not get installed when the setup process was initially done. To fix this please follow the instructions below:

1. Make sure Safari is enabled on the device (if Safari is disabled/restricted, the certificate install will not work).

2. Open the Accountable2You app and scroll to the bottom and click "Uninstall". Follow the prompts to unregister. Your partners will be notified that you have un-registered the app, so we strongly suggest entering a reason when prompted so that your partners are aware of what you're doing.

3. You will then see the registration screen. Re-register the app with your Accountable2You username and password. Then proceed to setup the VPN by following the prompts. We have a step-by-step guide here which also includes a video tutorial.



Please also see our video guide on setting up the VPN.

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