Android Battery Saver Feature

Accountable2You's monitoring app does not use a significant amount of resources, so most users experience little or no noticeable change in battery life on their devices. However, because of the variety of Android versions on the market today, occasionally users may experience reduced battery life after installing the app.

The Accountable2You monitoring app has a Battery Saver option in the app's Settings. This reduces the frequency with which a device connects to our servers, thereby using less resources and battery.

To activate this feature: 

  1. Open the Accountable2You monitoring app and select Settings
  2. Enter your Accountable2You password.  Forgot your password? Click here.
  3. On the settings screen, check the box next to Battery Saver.
  4. Tap Close.

That's it! With this feature enabled, activity will synchronize with the Accountable2You servers approximately every 7 or 8 minutes (as opposed to approximately every 1 minute before the battery saving feature was enabled), so you can expect to see a slight delay in live reporting.

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