Turn Off The Accountable2You VPN

There may be times, depending on your needs, when you need to disable the Accountable2You VPN monitoring. We encourage users to do this only when necessary, as this does limit Accountable2You's ability to monitor the browsers on your device. Your partners will also be notified that the VPN has been turned off.

For users who intend to leave the VPN turned off indefinitely, please review our custom browser option for accountability.

Step 1: Open the Accountable2You app.


Step 2: Select the "VPN Settings" button.


Step 3: Click "Disable VPN".


Step 4: Provide a reason and select "Disable".

Disabling the VPN will alert your partners. While it is optional, we highly encourage you to enter a reason as to why you have chosen to disable the VPN, so that your partners can better understand what is happening. When you have finished entering your reason, click "Disable".

Step 5: Confirmation.

You will receive a confirmation that the VPN has been successfully disabled. Select "OK" to finish.

Should you desire to re-enable the VPN at any time, simply return to the Accountable2You app, select "VPN Settings", and click "Enable VPN".

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