View the App Usage Report

Next to each device on the Reports Dashboard, you can select App Usage to see details about what apps have been used on the device as well as an estimate of how long they’ve each been used.

See a breakdown of all apps

The App Usage Report shows the name of every app captured by Accountable2You, along with the estimated "Total Time Used" for each app, which is determined by data from the Detailed Activity Report. A piechart with colors matching the app names provides an “at-a-glance” view of approximately how much time the device user has spent in each app during the chosen timeframe.

Background app activity

Sometimes, if apps are running in the background of a device, the Total Time Used amount may appear higher than the actual time the device user spent actively using those apps. If you see apps with usage times that seem higher than they should be, we recommend disabling background app permissions for those apps. This will help the total time listed for those apps to be more accurate.

While it varies by platform, iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) are especially known for skewing Total Time Used when these permissions are enabled. To disable the background permissions on an iPhone, open the Settings app and tap General > Background App Refresh. From there, you can turn the feature off completely (for all apps) or individually (for specific apps showing higher than expected "Total Time Used"). 

Dive into specific apps

Selecting a specific app name under the “App” column of the App Usage Report will bring up a preview “App Activities” window on the same page, displaying all the records A2U has captured from that particular app during the selected timeframe. You can also click or tap a specific record within this App Activities window to be taken to a more detailed report showing the surrounding context of that specific app record.

See device usage patterns over time

At the bottom of the App Usage Report, you’re presented with a timeline view showing the approximate volume of device usage over the selected period of time (24 hours, 7 days, or 15 days).

  • If you have the 24-hour view selected, you'll see a summary of activity hour-by-hour during that time period. 
  • If you have the 7 or 15-day view selected, you'll see a summary of activity for each day during that time period. 

In summary

To summarize, the App Usage Report gives an at-a-glance overview of app activity and also provides a great way to filter activity records, but it is not a representation of exact, second-by-second screen usage and interaction. 

The information accessible from the App Usage Report is especially valuable in knowing what apps have been running on the device and when those apps have been in use. Providing this information supports our primary goal—to remove isolation for device users by bringing in an observer (a partner like yourself) to help influence better choices and decrease temptation.

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