Android WiFi only mode

Accountable2You doesn't use a significant amount of resources or cellular data, and as a result, most users experience little or no noticeable change in their cellular data usage. However, if you have a limited cellular data plan, you may consider enabling WiFi-only mode in the A2U app to conserve your data usage. 

What is WiFi-only mode? 

With WiFi-only mode enabled, Accountable2You will store the activity records on the device and only upload them to the online report once the device is connected to a WiFi network. A2U will still monitor the same activity records and details as before but will avoid using your cellular data to upload the records.

How to enable WiFi-only mode

  1. Open the Accountable2You app and select Settings
  2. Enter your Accountable2You passwordForgot your password? Click here.
  3. On the settings screen, check the box next to WiFi-only mode.
  4. Tap Close.
Though all the activity records on the device will still be captured, enabling this setting will sometimes cause a delay in the reporting time  for activity records and alerts for questionable activity, particularly if the device is not regularly connected to a WiFi network. 
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