FAQ: Do you have phone support?

At Accountable2You, we're passionate about serving people. That's true when it comes to answering your questions too! 

Our Customer Support team members are knowledgeable and helpful with technical questions, but above all, they care about you as a person. What matters to you is what matters to us. 

Can I call you?

While we're eager to help via email, we don't have phone support. Please don't think this means we don't want to speak to you — it’s actually quite the opposite! We're real, friendly humans here who enjoy answering questions and solving problems. 

Let's talk!

Our main method of communication is email. That lets us send helpful things like screenshots or sometimes even personal videos to explain key details or walk you through an important process. 

We do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible, and you can typically expect a thoughtful email response from us within about 24 hours or less on weekdays

Just use the green Contact Us button at the bottom of the screen to send us a message with any questions you have.

You can also send us an email anytime at support@accountable2you.com. We love hearing from you! 

If you're having trouble with a specific device, sending us a diagnostic report from the Accountable2You monitoring app on that device along with your questions will help us answer your question even faster!  

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