Update the sideloaded A2U monitoring app on Android

We regularly release updates to our apps to improve performance, fix bugs, and improve the accountability monitoring experience.

Because of some newer security features Google has built into Android devices, there are a few extra steps in the update process to receive the latest version of our sideloaded app. We'll walk you through that process here — let's get started!  

If you're installing Accountable2You's monitoring app for the first time on your Android device, you'll find the correct steps in our Android install guide here

These steps are for the sideloaded "standalone" version of our Android monitoring app.

If you have the Google Play Store version, you can update the app directly through the Play Store with the steps found here.

1. Check for updates in the monitoring app

  1. Open the Accountable2You monitoring app and tap the Updates button.
  2. If a new version is available, tap Install.

2. Allow file access

You may see a system prompt requesting file access for A2U. Tap Allow.

3. Allow installing apps from unknown sources

  1. In the popup that appears, tap Settings.
  2. Toggle the slider to the 'on' position (to the right) to allow Accountable2You to install app updates.

4. Install the update

In the popup from Accountable2You, tap Update.

5. Dismiss the Play Protect security notice

If you have Google Play Protect enabled, you'll likely see a popup saying the update was blocked by Play Protect. 

This is a standard security notification on Android. Since you're installing the update directly through A2U, the update is safe and secure. 👍 

  1. Tap Details to expand the menu.
  2. Tap "install anyway" to finish installing the update. (This update is safe and secure.)

That's it!

You should see a final popup saying "App installed." You now have the latest version of the monitoring app! 🎉

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