Install Accountable2You for Android

If you have any other versions of Accountable2You for Android on your device, please uninstall those versions before installing our app with the steps below. ✅

Download the app from the Google Play Store

  1. Install Accountable2You Monitoring from the Google Play Store by following this link and tapping Install
  2. Open the Accountable2You app and select Get Started.
  3. Continue through the prompts, tapping Next until you arrive at the screen to log in (shown below). 


Register the app

  1. Enter a name for the device, then enter your Accountable2You username and password.
    • Don't have an account? Check out our available plans and sign up for a 10-day free trial here
    • Having trouble with your username or password? Click here. (You can also tap “Forgot Password” at the bottom of the screen in the app.)
  2. Once you've entered the necessary information, tap the Add Device button to add the device to your account.
  3. Using a Family plan with multiple users?
    • If yes, you'll be prompted to select the primary user for the device. Select the user from the list, and then tap Next.
    • If you aren't using a Family plan, skip to the next step.
  4. Review the Terms and Conditions, then tap I Agree to continue. Your device is now added to the account—we’re almost there!
If you don't see the correct family member, select the admin user.
You can add family members and then change the device user later on. 

Activate the monitoring

Tap Set up Permissions, and you should see this screen:

Enable Accessibility

  1. Beginning with Accessibility, tap Allow Permission next to the permission. 
  2. You'll see a screen with more details about the permission—scroll down and tap Allow (this will take you to your device’s Accessibility Settings). 
  3. Tap Accountable2You in the list of apps or services. On some devices, our app will be under "Installed Services", "Downloaded Services", or "Downloaded apps" depending on your phone's model. 
  4. Select the toggle next to Accountable2You to turn accessibility ON. Follow any prompts to confirm or allow the permission. (For "Accountable2You shortcut" leave the toggle OFF.) 

Enable Query all packages

  1. Back in the Accountable2You app, tap Allow Permission next to "Query all packages." 
  2. Confirm this choice by tapping Allow at the bottom of the next screen. 

Enable Device admin

  1. Finally, tap Allow Permission next to Device admin, and confirm with Allow (this will also take you to your device’s settings app).
  2. Tap Activate this device admin app.
  3. Back in the A2U app, tap Next to continue. 
  4. Your Android device is now added to your account! If necessary, set up an accountability partner for your device, or tap Done to go to the app's menu. 

OPTIONAL - App Exclusions

  1. If you don't want Accountable2You to monitor detailed information in all apps, select Settings from the main screen of the app.
  2. Enter your account password to unlock the settings, and tap Verify
  3.  Select App exclusion list to view the list of monitored apps on your device. 
  4. On the next screen, check the box beside any apps you wish to exclude. For more details or to do this later, see the instructions in this guide
In case it's helpful, here's what the indicators mean in the App Exclusions list:
  • ✅ A green checkmark means that the app is monitored.
  • ❌ A red X means the app has been excluded and is not monitored.
  • ⚠️ A yellow exclamation point indicates that monitoring is disabled with the exception of embedded browsers within that app.

Want to test the app? Click here to learn how!

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