Install Accountable2You for Android

Important note:  We're currently working with Google to get our app back in the Google Play Store. In the meantime, you can download our Android app directly from us with these instructions. ✅

Learn more: Why is Accountable2You no longer on the Google Play Store?

Step 1: Install and register the app

Before downloading and installing this standalone version of A2U for Android, we recommend turning off Google Play Protect. (Google recently made some changes to Play Protect that cause it to interfere with A2U.)

If you'd like to re-enable Play Protect after installing A2U, the monitoring should still work from what we've seen, but there is a possibility it could interfere in the future.
  1. Download the A2U installer by tapping this link.
    • You may see a security warning asking you to confirm if you want to download the file. Allow the download to continue.
  2. Open and install the downloaded file. Follow any prompts necessary to allow the installation. 
    • You will likely receive a warning that the app is from an "unknown source" because it comes from us instead of the Google Play Store. Please allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. Repeat step 2 if necessary.
  3. In the A2U app, 
    • Select Login if you already have an A2U account.
    • Select Signup - 10 day FREE trial if you need to create an account. 
  4. After tapping Login, review our Terms & Conditions, check the box to agree, and tap Continue.
  5. Enter your username and password. (Forgot your username or password? Click here.)
    • You can use the "Device Name" suggested in the blank or edit it to your preference. (Example: "John's Pixel")
  6. Tap Save.
    • If you have a Family Plan, select which family member this device belongs to.
If you don't see the correct family member, select the admin user.
You can add family members and then change the device user later on. 

Step 2: Activate the app

  1. Tap ACTIVATE ADMIN APP (this will take you to your device’s settings app).
  2. Tap Activate this device admin app.
  3. Back in the A2U app, tap ENABLE ACCESSIBILITY (this will take you to your device’s Accessibility Settings).
  4. Tap A2U Android in the list of apps or services. On some devices, our app will be under "Installed Services", "Downloaded Services", or "Downloaded apps" depending on your phone.
    • For Android 13 users—if you see a pop-up that says "Restricted setting" when you tap A2U Android, see steps 5 - 9 (highlighted in yellow). If you're able to select A2U Android, skip to step #10 in this section.

    Steps 5 - 9 only necessary for Android 13

  5. Once you select "OK" on the Restricted setting pop-up, go back to the A2U app, and then open your phone's settings app.
  6. Find Apps and select that option.
  7. Locate A2U Android in that list and tap it to access the "App info" screen.
  8. Select the three dots in the upper right, and choose "Allow restricted settings".
  9. Verify this choice with your device's PIN or password. Now, go back to the A2U app and tap "Enable Accessibility".
  10. Choose A2U Android, and tap the toggle for A2U Android to turn accessibility ON. (For "Accountable2You shortcut" leave to toggle OFF.)
  11. Tap Allow or OK to allow accessibility permissions.
If you see a "response can't be verified" message, just tap Allow or OK again, and you should be able to continue.

(OPTIONAL - Step 3: App Exclusions)

  1. Tap the option, WAIT, I DON'T WANT EVERYTHING MONITORED if you'd like to exclude specific apps from being monitored (e.g., banking, texting, or password management apps).
  2. On the next screen, check the box beside any apps you wish to exclude. For more details or to do this later, see the instructions in this guide
⚠️ Each change here will appear on your account's activity report and will notify your accountability partners.

That’s it! 

You’ve successfully installed A2U - great job! Now that you've enabled the monitoring, don't forget to add partners for this device.

Want to test the app? Click here to learn how!

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