Retiring Legacy App Versions

Several years ago, we updated the infrastructure for newer versions of our monitoring apps. The new backend tech made our apps faster and safer for all our customers!

On February 20, 2024, we will retire the old infrastructure that supports some older versions of our monitoring apps.

Any devices still using these old versions of A2U will not be monitored after February 20, 2024.

A2U app versions

The following table shows the oldest versions of A2U which will still be supported after February 20, 2024.

App versions older than these will no longer monitor activity.

Device Oldest supported app version Oldest supported install date
Android 1.113 (and newer) December 2020 (and newer)
Chrome 1.1.1 (and newer) February 2021 (and newer)
iOS 1.0.0 (and newer) December 2021 (and newer)
Linux 2.1.0 (and newer) December 2020 (and newer)
Mac 2.5.0 (and newer) June 2022 (and newer)
Windows 5.1.0 (and newer) December 2020 (and newer)

Actions steps to take on these devices

To ensure your devices are still monitored after February 20, 2024, please follow these steps on all affected devices:

  1. Uninstall all older versions of A2U

Click here for a full list of our uninstall guides.

Note: Even if you cannot install the latest version, the old version of A2U will stop working. So we still recommend uninstalling the app.

  1. Install the current version of A2U

Click here for a full list of our install guides.

Note: Some older devices may be no longer compatible with the latest version of A2U. Check our list of supported devices for compatibility.


I can't get the new app on my device - what other options do I have?

Some older devices may not be able to install or run the current version of A2U — unfortunately, we can no longer provide monitoring for these older devices. The best option is to replace them with newer devices that can run current versions of A2U.

You can view a full list of supported devices and operating systems here:

We’d love for you to update your older devices and continue using Accountable2You, but we understand if this is not an option and you need to cancel. You can cancel your Accountable2You subscription at any time with the steps found here.

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