Can I test to see if Accountable2You is working?

I'd like to see if A2U and the alerts are working. How can I test this? 

Great question, and yes, you can test it! Better still, you don't need to access objectionable content to do so!

Once you've installed Accountable2You on your device, visit our red alert testing page from that device to easily generate an alert to any Accountability Partners you've assigned to the device. 

What happens when I visit the red alert test page? 

Within a few minutes of visiting the red alert test, you'll notice several things start to happen: 

1) The Accountability Report will show a result similar (typically within 1-5 minutes) to the one below: 


2) If you've enabled instant text alerts for any partners assigned to the device that performed the test, those partners will receive a text alert (typically 1-2 minutes after the action appears on the report): 


3) An email alert will also send to any partners assigned to the device (typically within 1-2 hours):


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