Understand Accountable2You Alerts

Alerts are primarily generated by the detection of words that are deemed to be potentially questionable in nature. Web sites, programs, applications, and other device functions contain a text description that is then processed by Accountable2You and identified through the alerts that the user has set up for their accountability partners to receive.

There are 3 classifications that can be given to an activity

  1. Non-objectionable - This means that nothing questionable has been detected. No alerts will be generated for this type of activity.
  2. Questionable - This category (represented by a yellow dot in the reports) means that there is some question as to the nature of the activity. It is an activity that might be legitimate, but also might be objectionable in nature. For this, we encourage the accountability partner to review the activity description and foster a dialogue with the user as necessary.
  3. Highly Questionable - This category (represented by a red dot in the reports) means that Accountable2You has detected one or more words that are generally associated with questionable activity. The activity description on the report(s) will typically show enough information to make a quick determination about the nature and content of the activity. Accountable2You encourages constructive dialogue with the user in this situation.

E-Mail Alerts

E-mail alerts are generated at the frequency specified by the account owner when setting up the accountability partner. This could be daily, weekly or hourly. E-mail alerts will include both "questionable" and "highly questionable" activity. (See more information about the different types of e-mail reports here)

Text Alerts

Text alerts, if enabled by the user, are generated within 5 minutes of a "highly questionable" activity being detected (please note that text alerts are not generated for "questionable" activity). The text will indicate the device name, as well as a description of the alert.

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