Understand Accountable2You Alerts

As Accountable2You monitors your device activity, it adds text descriptions of that activity to your reports. In the process, the software also scans each activity record for potentially questionable content.

When questionable content is detected, A2U triggers alerts to the accountability partners for that device based on the rating categories below. Partners can manage how they receive these alerts by adjusting their alert settings.

Tip: Device owners can also use Custom Trigger Words to increase or decrease the rating for specific words or phrases! 

3 classifications for activity records

Accountable2You classifies all activity records into one of three rating categories:

🟢 Normal (green):  This rating means that nothing questionable has been detected. No alerts are generated for this type of activity.

🟡 Questionable (yellow): This rating means that there is some question as to the nature of the activity, and it needs review. This activity might be “okay”, but also might be objectionable (depending on the context). 

🔴 Highly Questionable (red): This rating means that Accountable2You has detected one or more words that are generally associated with questionable activity. The activity description on the report will typically show enough information to make a quick determination about the nature and content of the activity. 

Partners: Learn some tips for interpreting activity records and how to address alerts effectively as an accountability partner!

Hourly Email Alerts

Hourly Email Alerts go out within 1 hour of any questionable 🟡 or highly questionable 🔴 activity, and contain a summary of all questionable and highly questionable activity records from the past hour. Partners can enable these hourly Email Alerts through their Alert Settings as long as the device owner has granted them "Everything" or "Alerts" permissions

Unlike the Daily and Weekly Email Summary reports, these email alerts do not have a "View Full Report" button that grants full access to the user's activity. Instead, only the flagged activity records are visible.

If they have access, partners can view the Detailed Activity Report online to see the activity surrounding an alert for more context. (The device owner must have the permissions set to "everything" for that partner.)

Note: Email Alerts are a different option than the Daily or Weekly Email Summary Reports (showing a regular summary of all device activity) that partners can also receive. You can see more information about the different types of email reports here!

Instant Text Alerts

Instant Text Alerts are SMS messages that go out within 5 minutes of any highly questionable 🔴 activity. 

Important Note:

  • Instant Text Alerts are reserved for highly questionable 🔴 activity. Questionable 🟡 activity records will appear in the Hourly Email Alerts, but not the Instant Text Alerts.
  • Instant Text Alerts are limited to 3 messages per hour per device. If a device has more than 3 highly questionable activity records within a 1-hour period, the partner will receive another text saying multiple alerts have been detected and encouraging them to view the activity reports online.

The text will include the device name, as well as a brief description of the alert. You can get more info about Instant Text Alerts, including how to set them up, here!

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