Manage Alert Settings

As an accountability partner, you receive the activity reports and alerts generated by the device being monitored, so it’s up to you to decide how and when you receive these notifications.

Device users: You have full control over your privacy and what information you allow partners to see. Check here for more information about the permissions options you can enable for each partner.

You can easily update these preferences at any time with the following steps: 

Log in to your A2U account online here.
Select your profile icon and choose Alert Settings.
For each device, set your preferences for the Email Summary Reports, hourly Email Alerts, and instant Text Alerts. (These are explained in more detail below.)
Select Save to update your changes.

That’s it! Your changes should take effect immediately.

Notification options explained

  • Email Summary Report: A daily or weekly email report showing an overview of all device activity within that daily or weekly timeframe. These summary reports include a preview of any questionable and highly questionable activity records within that timeframe and also have a link to view a more detailed report online.
  • Email Alerts: Email alerts go out within 1 hour of any questionable or highly questionable activity, and contain a summary of all questionable and highly questionable activity records from the past hour.
  • Text Alerts: SMS text alerts go out within 5 minutes of any highly questionable activity. Text alerts are only sent for highly questionable activity records, and are limited to 3 alerts per hour. (Messaging and data rates may apply from your mobile service provider.)

Looking for more information about A2U reports and alerts to help you best choose your preferences? Check out these related guides:

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