Records for Android devices are taking a long time to update

You can expect most records to appear on your Reports within a few minutes of the activity occurring. However, there might be circumstances where they are delayed.

  • WiFi-Only Mode: There is an option in the "Settings" menu of the Accountable2You monitoring app where you can select "WiFi-Only" mode. When this is selected, A2U will only send information to our servers when the device is connected to WiFi. If the device is running exclusively on a cellular signal, the app will not update the servers. The app is still monitoring and all records are being collected, but they will not appear or report in real time. Accountable2You uses very little data so we do not recommend using this feature unless your circumstances require it.
  • Business WiFi: Some companies offer WiFi for their employee's personal use. However, the company may have more stringent firewall settings than your typical home internet connection. Because of this, the A2U monitoring app is sometimes unable to communicate with our servers and therefore unable to update through that connection. All records are still being recorded and will be sent to our servers as soon as a new internet connection is established that does not block communication.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our support team. You can do this very easily by opening the Accountable2You monitoring app on your phone, selecting "Diagnostics", and then selecting "Send to Support." Please include a brief message about the issue you are having, and our support team will review and respond to assist you.

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