Enable iOS VPN Monitoring

A bit of background: 

Rather than using an "accountability browser" from a third party, Accountable2You uses an always-on VPN connection to capture and report activity from your favorite internet browsers (private and incognito mode, too!) - browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, to name only a few.

To allow A2U to capture activity from web browsers and Hulu, the A2U app will install a configuration profile and certificate on your iOS device. The configuration profile and certificate allow your device to establish a secure VPN connection.

Step one: Download the profile

  1. If you haven't already, begin here by installing the Accountable2You app on your device

  2. Continuing from the last step in the guide mentioned in the step immediately above, a screen will appear, asking if you’d like to enable the VPN on this device. Tap the Enable VPN button.

  3. To continue, tap I Agree on the VPN Data Usage and Privacy prompt. mceclip0.png

  4. Tap Install VPN Certificate.

    NOTE: The Safari browser must be enabled and set as the default browser on your device to proceed. After the installation, you may revert back to your preferred browser. 

  5. Safari will open and ask if you’d like to download the configuration. Tap Allow to proceed:  mceclip2.png

  6. Tap Close to complete the download: mceclip3.png

Step two: Install the profile

  1. Next, find and open the Settings app for your device.

  2. Tap Profile Downloaded within the Settings app.
  3. Tap on the profile for ca.accountable2you.com and then tap Install toward the top right.
  4. Enter your device’s passcode or Touch ID, if prompted.

  5. Tap  Install in the top corner of the screen again.

  6. Once more, Install at the bottom of the screen to proceed, and then tap Done in the top corner. 

  7. Next, while still inside the Settings app, go to General > About.

  8. Scroll to the bottom and tap on  Certificate Trust Settings

  9. If not already enabled, toggle the switch to the enabled position mceclip7.png beside the entry for ca.accountable2.you.com

  10. Tap Continue on the prompt that appears: mceclip8.png

Step three: Open the Accountable2You app

  1. Navigate back to the Accountable2You, AU Mobile app on your home screen.
  2. The app will then automatically proceed with setting up your VPN.

  3. When prompted, tap  Allow to continue:  mceclip10.png
  4. Enter your device’s pass code or Touch ID, if prompted.

  5. Tap Got It! at the bottom of the following screen.

Step four: Assign your accountability partners

  1. Last but not least, you’ll want to visit the Partners page to add an accountability partner to receive the device’s activity reports.

  2. You can now navigate back to your home screen and start enjoying Accountable2You’s comprehensive accountability monitoring of Safari (or your preferred web browser), YouTube, and Hulu!

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