FAQ: iOS Apps Monitored by Accountable2You

How does Accountable2You detect apps installed on the device?

Using the VPN settings on your iPhone or iPad, the Accountable2You monitoring app for iOS can see apps on your device as they connect to the internet. We use that information to add detected apps to the App Usage report.

To elaborate a bit more, as apps operate, many retrieve data from the internet. That data passes through the Accountable2You monitoring app, allowing A2U to determine the titles of installed and in-use apps. The names of the detected apps are then added to the App Usage section of the Reports page.

Can Accountable2You monitor activity within all apps for iOS?

In addition to capturing the titles of installed and in-use apps, Accountable2You can capture detailed activity within several common apps. Currently, we monitor and report detailed app activity for Hulu and YouTube, as well as most major web browsers, including Safari and Chrome.

Due to monitoring limitations on iOS, activities that occur within apps other than web browsers, Hulu, and YouTube will not be visible or monitored.

What about embedded browsers within an app?

Some apps open hyperlinks to web pages within the app, rather than launching the Safari app. If the specific app utilizes Apple’s Safari browser for their “embedded browser” functions, A2U may also monitor the internet browsing within those apps.

While many embedded browsers are monitored by A2U, it depends on the way each app is designed by its developer. As app developers make changes within their app over time, Accountable2You’s ability to monitor activity within the embedded browsers may change as well.

Helpful tips to increase accountability in other iOS apps

Apple created exceptional documentation to guide Apple iOS customers through a wide range of functions and features. While Apple originally intended Screen Time to be used by parents for their children, we’ve found it to be incredibly helpful for anyone at any age desiring additional accountability or filtering functionality.

Check out the links below for more information about using Screen Time on your device. Screen Time offers a number of great features, but we’ve included a few of our team’s favorites in this list:

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