FAQ: What does "Apple Restriction - Activity Can't Be Recorded" mean?

With Apple iOS devices (things like iPads and iPhones), Apple has created a restriction where apps can’t see what’s going on inside other applications. Basically, the apps don’t talk to each other.

Using Accountable2You's VPN, we can monitor the Safari browser (and most other major browsers) and Hulu. Activity that occurs outside of those apps will not be visible.

Regrettably, this is a limitation of all apps on Apple mobile devices, not exclusively Accountable2You. Android mobile devices allow this deeper monitoring, however, Apple does not. 

When viewing your app usage report, if you click on a particular app, instead of seeing activity (as you would for any other type of device), you will see the activity field replaced with the phrase "Apple Restriction - Activity Can't Be Recorded".

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