FAQ: What does "Apple Restriction - Activity Can't Be Recorded" mean?

If you click on an app when viewing your App Usage report, instead of seeing activity details (as you would for any other type of device), you’ll usually see the phrase "Apple Restriction - Activity Can't Be Recorded".

That’s because Apple has created a restriction on iOS devices (things like iPads or iPhones) where apps can’t look inside other apps and see what’s happening. So while our app can see that activity is happening inside that other app, it can’t see the specific details.

This limitation isn’t exclusive to the A2U application. It extends to all apps on Apple’s mobile devices. Android allows deeper monitoring of other apps on their mobile devices, but Apple does not.

The good news is, using the Accountable2You VPN, activity in the Hulu app, as well as Safari and most other major browsers, can be monitored. For more information on what Accountable2You can monitor using the VPN, click here.

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