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Setting Up Accountable2You On iOS Devices

Special Note: We are BETA testing a solution that will monitor all Internet browsing activity on the device. This will allow you to use Safari or any browser you choose. If you want to try this new solution please contact us by clicking here

Installation Guide for iOS

**iOS 8 or later is required. Please note that presently Accountable2You cannot monitor app activity outside of the Accountable2You browser.**

Accountable2You's iPhone/iPad/iTouch application is a special browser that takes the place of Mobile Safari.


Step 1: Install the Accountable2You App

On your device open the App Store and search for Accountable2You. Press "GET" to install.

Step 2: Open Accountable2You

Once Accountable2You has installed, press "OPEN" to open the application.

Step 3: Register Your Device

Once installed and opened you will be presented with the registration screen. Please review the software licensing agreement, and then acknowledge that you have read and agreed to these terms. Then enter your Accountable2You username and password, along with a name that you would like to call this device. For example, you can call it "John's iPhone". Press "Register" when finished.


Step 4: Registration Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation screen letting you know that the device was successfully registered. Press "OK" to proceed to the app.

Step 5: Setup Accountability Partners

Go to and login to your account (you can do this from the phone, or from a computer). When you login, you will see a message reminding you to set a partner for this device. Click the "Setup partners..." button and follow the instructions on your screen.


Step 6: Disable Safari

After you install Accountable2You from the Apple App Store you must restrict Safari. We also highly recommend that any other browsers present on the device (Chrome, Opera, etc.) be deleted.

The process takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

Steps to restrict access to Safari:

  1. Press the Home button on your device.
  2. Touch "Settings".
  3. Touch "General"
  4. Touch "Restrictions"
  5. Touch "Enable Restrictions" (if necessary)
  6. Enter your 4 digit passcode.
  7. Turn off "Safari"
  8. (Optional) Turn off "Installing Apps". (This prevents the user from installing another browser to bypass Accountable2You)
  9. Press the Home button to save and exit.

You're all setup!

Moving forward, have the user browse the internet through the Accountable2You app. When the app is first opened, the screen will be blank and the user will simply enter a web address and start surfing!


Want to test the system?

Instead of going to an inappropriate website to test the rating system, please use the link provided below to conduct a "Red Alert Test". This will generate a sample alert from your device, and you should see the alert appear on your account within a few minutes (as well as send an alert to anyone setup as an accountability partner for that device).

Click here to perform the red alert test. (Make sure you open this link inside of the AU Mobile browser).

You report will shortly show an activity similar to this:

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