Add and Edit Family Members

The Accountable2You Family Plan allows you to assign a unique username and password to each member of your family. This allows you to take advantage of features that are specific to each user like custom alerts and Time Limit Alerts.

Add a family member

Step 1: Login to your Accountable2You account and click on the Manage Users tab at the top of the page.

Step 2: You'll see yourself listed as an Account Admin user. To add a new family member, click Add Family Member. mceclip0.png

Step 3: Enter the name, email address, User Type and any other information needed, and click Save to add the family member. If you'd prefer not to enter the member's own email address (e.g., for a young child) you can enter your own instead.

Step 4: Provide family members with their username and password so they can connect their own devices to the account, view their reports online, and assign Partners to their devices. If they are a "Regular User", they won't have the same level of access that the primary account holder has. If there are multiple administrators for the account (Mom and Dad, for example), both can be "Account Admins", but only the primary account holder can access the Plan's Billing Settings.

If you're setting up your family member's account, you can perform these same tasks for them on their devices.

That's it! Repeat these steps for each family member you'd like to add.

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