Email Verification Help

The security and privacy of your account and activity records is incredibly important to us! One way we help protect your account is by requiring all emails associated with your account to be verified.

Here are a handful of common questions and issues customers might experience when it comes to email verification.

I tried verifying my address, but I got a message saying the request expired or an invalid validation link

You likely received multiple verification links from us. Make sure you click the link in the most recent email from us.

If you're not sure, you can click the link on the verification page to resend the email, and then wait for the newest verification email to arrive.

I can't access the email address on file (old email)

Please provide the following info when you contact us to help make the process super speedy!

  • The last four digits of the card used for your Accountable2You account. (For your security, don't send the whole card number!)
  • The expiration date of the same card.
  • The old email address you used to set up your account.
  • The new email address you'd like us to change it to.

I'm not getting any emails from A2U

If you've already checked the spam folders in your email inbox and can't find the verification email, there's a chance your email address has ended up on our "unsubscribed" list.

I used my partner's email address to create my account

As a best practice, each person should only use their own email address as the recovery email for their account. Using your personal email address for your account ensures you can administrate and update your account and apps as needed.

If you used someone else's email address to set up your account, it's very important that you contact Customer Support to help fix this.

You'll need your own personal email address, so if you don't have one already, we recommend creating one. There are many free options available.

Will setting up my account with my own email address compromise my accountability?

Nope! Once you invite an accountability partner, we'll automatically send them alerts for any changes you make to your account or device settings that might reduce the accountability on your devices. We've got you covered! ✅

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