Getting Started with a Personal Plan

Welcome! We’re excited for you to join thousands of others in the Accountable2You family who are enjoying the freedom of transparency on their devices. Thanks for taking this step toward defending purity and living with integrity!

Once you’ve started your free trial, getting started with Accountable2You is quick and easy. Below, we’ll walk through the essential steps to make sure your Personal plan is up and running.

Step 1: Installing the monitoring app

First up, you’ll need to install the Accountable2You app on any devices that need monitoring.

Note: Your Personal plan comes with up to 6 active installations of the A2U app. If you ever need to monitor additional devices, you can always upgrade to the Family plan, which includes up to 20 active installations.

On the device that needs monitoring, go to
Type " install" in the search bar.
Choose the installation guide for your device type, then follow the steps to set up A2U on that device.
Repeat these steps on the rest of your devices that need monitoring.

Step 2: Setting up partners

Once you have the monitoring app installed on your devices, you’ll want to set up accountability partners to receive reports and alerts for device activity. Remember, partners don't need the app to receive reports and alerts. They receive these through email, text messages, or online with their own free partner account.

From your account at, visit the Partners tab.
Select Invite New Partner.
Next, enter their name and email address, and also choose what level of activity your partner has permission to see for each device on your account.
Once you send the invite, your partner will receive an email allowing them to complete their free partner account or to adjust their alert settings if they already have an account.

After finishing these steps, go ahead and use your devices like you normally would—our app will quietly monitor your activity and send reports and alerts to your partners.

For a deeper dive into adding accountability partners, check out this article.

Step 3: Viewing activity reports

If you’d like to view your own device activity, you can do so from the Reports tab of your account at any time. We call this page the Reports Dashboard—the central reporting hub where you'll find access to all other reporting options.

This page provides an overview of the records and alerts for each device on your A2U account. If you’re a partner for anyone else, you’ll see an overview for their devices here as well. You can adjust the timeframe for this dashboard to 24 hours, 7 days, or 15 days of activity.

For more info about each report type, take a look at our Understand Accountable2You Reports article.

That’s it! Completing these steps means your Personal plan is ready to go.

For help with anything along the way, just reach out to our friendly team at We’re always happy to help!

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