Understand Accountable2You Reports

The activity reports are a central part of accountability conversations. Accountable2You provides a variety of insightful reports so accountability partners can review all the information they need to have meaningful accountability conversations.

This article outlines our various report types — click or tap the titles of each report listed below to learn more!

Reports Dashboard

The Reports Dashboard provides an overview of the total number of records and any alerts for each device on your account, and each device that you're a partner for. You can adjust the timeframe for this dashboard to 24 hours, 7 days, or 15 days of activity. The Reports Dashboard is the central reporting hub where you'll find the rest of the reporting options listed below.

You can access the Reports Dashboard by logging into your online account and selecting Reports from the navigation bar.  

Questionable Activity Report

The Questionable Activity Report is a filtered view of the Detailed Report mentioned below. This report view shows a detailed list of only “Questionable” (yellow alert 🟡) and “Highly Questionable” (red alert 🔴) activity captured during the selected timeframe. 

You'll find this report on the Reports Dashboard by finding the yellow banner and selecting See all alerts.

If there were no questionable activities detected in your selected timeframe, this banner will be colored green, and the button will say See all activity, instead.

Detailed Report

The Detailed Report provides a comprehensive view of all the activity records for a specific device. This report has a number of filtering options to help you review activity for one or more devices at a time, by alert level, date range, app name, and specific keywords.

You'll find this report on the Reports Dashboard by selecting All Activity next to your devices.

App Usage Report

The App Usage Report helps you track screen time by showing how long each app was used during the selected timeframe. This report also shows you which hours of the day (or days of the week) the device is most active.

You'll find this report on the Reports Dashboard by selecting App Usage next to your devices.

Email Summary Report

The Email Summary Report is a daily or weekly email report showing an overview of all device activity within that daily or weekly timeframe. These summary reports include a preview of any questionable and highly questionable activity records within that timeframe and also have a link to view the Reports Dashboard online for additional detail.

An accountability partner can enable these Email Summary Reports from the Alert Settings in their online account as long as the device user has set the partner's permissions to “Everything”. For more about managing permissions settings as a device user, check out this article.

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