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Installing Accountable2You On Mac Computers

Installation Guide for Mac OS X

Step 1: Download the Mac software

Download Accountable2You for Mac OS X (10.7 & Higher)

(For older Mac devices running OS X 10.6, please download this version. For devices running OS X 10.5, please download this version.)

The download will be in the download folder. Select the folder to see your downloads. Select the Accountable2You zip file to expand it.

Step 2: Select the Accountable2You icon to start Accountable2You

Step 3: Open Accountable2You

Depending on the security settings of your Mac, you may receive the following message when trying to open Accountable2You.

If this occurs, click 'OK' to close this window. Then, right-click on Accountable2You and select 'Open' (for users without a right-click mouse, hold the "control" key and click).

When the next window pops up, click 'Open'.

Step 4: The install screen will appear

Enter your Accountable2You Account Name, Password and any name to describe this computer. Then press Sign In.

Step 5: Once your computer has been validated with Accountable2You you can press the Setup Accountability Partners.

This will take you to Accountable2You's website where you can add partners to view your computers records. After you setup your partners you will need to continue setting up Accountable2You.

Step 6: Validate that method of detection is enabled.

Select the AU icon at the top of your screen and Select Diagnostics.

Step 7: Press Run Diagnostics and check the Detection Method.

If the method says Disabled then continue with the tutorial. Otherwise the software is recording.

Step 8: Setup Detection Method

To setup the detection method you'll want to open System Preferences. Select the Apple icon. Then System Preferences.

Step 9: Select Security & Privacy.

Step 10: Select Accessibility from the list. Unlock the screen by checking the lock button. Then check Accountable2You.

Once this option is checked Accountable2You will start recording records.


Keep in mind that Accountable2You can only monitor the profile on which it is installed. For Mac computers with multiple user profiles, be sure to repeat the install process for each user in order to ensure full device accountability. 

Want to test the system?

Instead of going to an inappropriate website to test the rating system, please use the link provided below to conduct a "Red Alert Test". This will generate a sample alert from your device, and you should see the alert appear on your account within a few minutes (as well as send an alert to anyone setup as an accountability partner for that device).

Click here to perform the red alert test. (Make sure you are on the device that you want to test when you click this link).

You report will shortly show an activity similar to this:

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