Install Accountable2You for Linux

Accountable2You for Linux-based distributions utilizes Snapcraft “snaps”, one of the most widely trusted Linux app stores in the world, to deploy a single version of our software to work on nearly every major Linux distribution. 

While we work hard to maintain compatibility with all major Linux versions and releases, due to the massive number of builds, variants, and user modifications within various Linux distributions, we cannot guarantee universal compatibility with every Linux version, release, and modification. It simply isn’t possible. 

⚠️  Raspberry Pi is delicious but not currently supported.

While that disclaimer may sound ominous, thankfully, it’s rarely a concern due to Snapcraft’s excellent cross-distribution compatibility. As our developers, QA team, and customers discover reproducible anomalies with specific Linux distributions running Accountable2You, we document those findings and workarounds here.

1: Install Accountable2You for Linux-based Distributions

  1. First, make sure that the Snap Store app is installed on your Linux device. Many major Linux distributions include it automatically. Instructions and further details, including Terminal commands, may be found here.
  2. Click the Get it from the Snap Store button shown below. 
  3. When the Snap Store page opens, click the Install button toward the top right of the window and follow the prompts. Alternatively, scroll to the bottom of the page for distribution-specific installation instructions and Terminal commands. 


2: Launch Accountable2You and register your account

  1. After the installation completes, open the Accountable2You app from the list of installed applications.
    • Note that some Linux distributions require a restart to successfully launch the app after installation. If the Accountable2You app will not open after installation, restart the computer and then repeat the step above. 
  2. You’ll be presented with a screen similar to the one shown below: 

Already have an active account with Accountable2You?

  • Great! Just click the Log In button, read through the prompts on the following screen, and continue to section #3 below.

Haven’t created an account with Accountable2You yet?

  • Not a problem — just click “Create an Account” to sign up for a free trial on our website! Once you’ve signed up for an account successfully, return to this window and click Login to sign in with your newly created username and password.

3. Register the software to your account

For the software to successfully capture activity and add it to the Accountability Reports, you’ll need to sign in and register the device to your existing Accountable2You account.

  1. Device Name: To make it easy to identify later on the Accountability Reports, give your device a unique name, like "Nathan's Linux Computer."
  2. Username & Password: Enter your Accountable2You username and password.
    • Forgot your username or password? No worries, just click here to reset it.

      If you're a parent on a Family plan and installing this app on a child's device, use your own username and password here. You'll assign this device to your child after step 3.

  3. Click the Add Device button.

Using the Family Plan with multiple, existing users?

No? Skip to section #4 shown below.

Yes? Select the family member that will be using this device.

  1. You’ll be presented with a list of users for your family plan, as shown below.
  2. Select the primary user for the device from the list.

4. License Agreement

  1. Please take a moment to review the Legal Agreement for Accountable2You.
  2. Click the I Agree button.

5. Complete setup and assign Accountability Partners

Last, but not least, you’ll want to create or assign existing Accountability Partners to receive reports for this device.

  1. Click Check my Device, and then the Done button to complete the setup.
  2. Choose the Partners menu option to visit the Accountable2You website.
  3. Here you can create or edit the Accountability Partner settings for this specific device. For help with setting up an Accountability Partner, view our support article on Setting Up Accountability Partners.

6. You’re all set!

Accountable2You is now monitoring all programs and browsers on this device, so feel free to resume using the device normally now.

If more than one user logs into this device, be sure to repeat this process for any additional device user accounts, as Accountable2You only monitors the user account that was active when it was initially installed.

Want to test the monitoring? Click here to learn how!

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