FAQ: Why are the "total records" for my iOS device higher than what is shown in the detailed report?

The Accountable2You VPN system, while much more comprehensive in monitoring than any other accountability program, still faces some limitations that are imposed by Apple. One of these limitations is that we cannot monitor the detailed activity that takes place within most applications. However, Accountable2You's VPN monitoring  can detect when apps on the device are used, and this is logged so that users and partners can see a general estimate of which apps are in use, and for how long under the "App Usage" report.

So you might see, for example, that you have 250 "total records" showing for your iPhone. But if you click on the "Details" button in the report, you might only see 30 activities listed. The reason for this is that Accountable2You only shows you the captured activity records that have readable data, such as websites visited and Hulu videos watched. The remaining records correspond to activity within apps that cannot be monitored in detail, and so they are filtered from the detailed report. Those activities help to populate the "App Usage" report.

If you select an app from the App Usage report to view detailed activity, you will see that activity appears as "Apple Restriction - Activity Can't Be Recorded". Click here for more details on this.

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