Identify and Remove Inactive Devices

Step 1: Identify Active Devices

After learning how to correctly identify fruits and vegetables, pulling weeds in a garden is a straightforward task. It takes a bit of work, but it's easy to understand.

In the same way, the easiest way to find and remove duplicate or inactive devices from your account is to start by identifying the active devices that should stay. Once you have a list of active devices, removing the inactive devices is a simple process.

Just like unique leaf patterns on a vegetable, each installation of Accountable2You has a unique numerical code called a "Device ID". This helps differentiate between devices, even if they share the same name.

Start by creating a list of the Device IDs for your active devices, following this process:

  1. On each of your devices, open the Accountable2You App, then access the diagnostic information
    (Follow steps 1-2 of the instructions here to find the diagnostic information. In this case, you don’t need to send this information to A2U Support.)
  2. Write down the Device ID (Called “Computer Code” on Windows & Chrome, and “Computer ID” on Mac & Linux).mceclip4.png
  3. Repeat this process on each of your devices. Once you have a complete list of Device IDs from your active devices, you’re ready for Step 2 below.

Step 2: Remove Inactive Devices

Now that you have a complete list of your active Device IDs, you’re ready to remove the inactive devices.

  1. Log into the Devices Page on your account.
  2. Compare the Device IDs in the Code column to the Device IDs on your list and remove any devices that are not on your list. These are inactive devices.

  3. mceclip1.png

  4. To remove these inactive devices, click the blue Actions button, then click Remove from the drop-down menu. mceclip2.png
  5. Is one of your active Device IDs missing from the Devices page? We can help! Send a copy of the full diagnostic information from that device to

How to prevent duplicate or inactive devices on your account

  • Uninstall using the Accountable2You app: The steps in our uninstall guides will automatically remove the device from your account and prevent duplicates.

    Here are the uninstall guides for each device type:
  • Use unique device names: When you reinstall A2U on the same device, use a new device name, such as John's iPhone 2, or a date format like John's iPhone 08.2020. This will help you identify your current devices.
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