Exclude Android Apps from Monitoring

Can I remove monitoring from a specific app on my Android phone?

Accountable2You monitors activity on devices at a deep level, yet we also recognize the need for privacy, even in the midst of transparency. For these situations, we have the App Exclusion list.

Once apps are added to this list, their detailed activity will no longer appear on the activity report. Instead, only App Usage activity will be captured, and the detailed portion of the records will only say that monitoring is disabled for that specific app. 

Adding an app to the App Exclusions list

  1. Open the Accountable2You monitoring app.
  2. Tap the Settings button.
  3. Enter your Accountable2You password to proceed to the Settings screen. Forgot your password? Click here.
  4. Tap the App exclusion list button.
  5. Select any app that you do not wish to be monitored.
  6. You'll see a list of options where you can choose your exclusion level:
    • Exclude App Completely: No detail in the selected app will be monitored. 
    • Record Embedded Browser Only: No detail in the selected app will be monitored except activity that occurs within an in-app browser.
    • None: If you've previously excluded an app from monitoring and would like to resume monitoring again, select this option. This removes any existing exclusions for this app.
  7. Tap Go back after completing your selections. That's it! 

App Exclusions list icons

✅ A green checkmark means that the app is monitored.

❌ A red X means the app has been excluded and is not monitored.

⚠️ A yellow exclamation point indicates that monitoring is disabled, except for any embedded browsers within that app.

Keep in mind that when you exclude an application, your accountability partners will be notified. The alerts will appear on your report as shown here:


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