Exclude Android Apps from Monitoring

Can I remove monitoring from a specific app on my Android phone?

Accountable2You monitors activity on devices at a deep level, yet we also recognize that some apps must be excluded for your privacy. In these situations, we have the App Exclusion list.

Apps added to this list will no longer share their activity to the device's activity report; the Accountable2You records will only say monitoring was excluded for that specific app.

Add an app to the App Exclusions List

  1. Open the A2U Android app.
  2. Tap the Settings button.
  3. Enter your Accountable2You password to proceed to the Settings screen. Forgot your password? Click here.
  4. Tap the App Exclusion List button.
  5. Check the boxes alongside any apps that you do not wish to be monitored.
    • Please note: Any apps checked will send an alert to your accountability partners that the app has been excluded from reporting.
  6. After adding the app to the App Exclusions List, you'll be prompted to select your exclusion level:
    • Exclude App Completely: This means that the app any embedded or built-in browser (if applicable) will not be monitored. We do not recommend this option in most cases.
    • Record Embedded Browser Only: This will exclude monitoring for the app, but if the app has a means of surfing the Internet via a built-in browser, that browser activity will not be excluded if A2U was able to monitor this activity previously.
    • None: If you've previously excluded an app from monitoring and would to resume monitoring again, select this option. This removes any existing exclusions for this app.
  7. Tap Close after completing your selections.

That's it! The selected apps are now excluded from monitoring.

Keep in mind that when you exclude an application, your accountability partners will be notified. The alerts will appear on your report as shown here:


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